The Forbidden Topic - How Much Greater Could D-Brown and...

mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 4 years ago
Drug use in reggae music culture is the forbidden topic that we don't discuss especially when it is reference to our icons. 

Today we're examining D-Brown and Gregory who are arguably two of the greatest reggae musicians ever who definitely are on the Mount Rushmore of reggae. 

However a large portion of their career is tainted because of their usage of narcotics. As great as both Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs were, how much greater could they have been had they not messed around with drugs? 

PS: Were not referring to marijuana...

L.C.  Walters
L.C. Walters Drug use and music 🎶 have been closely associated for many decades now. I don't know if it would've increased the length of their lives or the... Show more 4 years ago