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Kartel to take case to Supreme Court?
Written by ABENA    Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mi hear pon the news say Kartel lawyer dem a plan fi take him case to the Supreme Court because RM Pusey decided not to grant him bail in the Corporate Area RM court but mi a wonder if that mek no sense either given the fact say him have so much serious charge against him. Mi a wonder if is a ploy fi squeeze out more money outta him in terms of billable hours fi mek the bail application and a bagga other things.


One thing is certain. dem nah adjourn none ah dem case ya sine die especially since so much man die. LOL. What a ting eh! De system plan fi tek weh all ah the Street Vybz money weh him mek the last three years and all the publishing money. Bwoy, it sticky pon dem! Addi was granted bail in the sum of $3 million in the Supreme Court last December in the case involving Burton but him caan tek up the offer because of the other cases, mi just a wonder if it even mek sense go Supreme Court wid da case de when him fi just focus pon the Home CIrcuit Court ting, but the lawyers dem have de master plan so we ah go watch it unfold.

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