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Written by ABENA    Friday, 13 January 2012

People, mi grab mi calendar and check this morning, ah THREE Friday the 13th ah fall inna this year alone, today, APRIL 13TH and JULY 13TH, and get this, (drum roll please), all ah dem ah 13 WEEKS APART. Doesn't that blow your mullyfogging mind?

Most people have some sorta superstitious belief, yu caan go round that, my granny tell me say belief kill and belief cure and if yu sprinkle tursifideta inna one tief footsteps, him foot ah go rotten off, mi believe inna dem tings. Look pon a day like this, ah 13 people go the LAST SUPPER, before Judas' betrayal, plus Jesus dead pon a Friday, Fidel Castro born pon Friday the 13th. Rapper Tupac Shakur died on FRIDAY THE 13TH, 1996, now put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. But no overdo it, memba say yu mind conquer all tings, if yu believe something bad ah go happen, yu might create a self-fulfilling prophecy and it happen fi true. Before yu leave yu house this morning, just block a reverence inna yu bathroom and ask the Almighty fi protect yu. God bless!!! 

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