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Chris Walters Discussion started by Chris Walters 2 years ago
In order for Jamaica ?? to thrive, for our dollar to increase in value, and for us to generate instead of borrowing the dollars necessary for our national development, all of our national industries must grow as our lead industry, tourism, grows. Of every $1 spent by tourists in Jamaica, only $0.30 remains on the island to circulate in the local economy. What is needed is for us to put into place policies and procedures that tie the tourism sector in with agricultural and manufacturing sector. As tourists check in to any of our beautiful hotels, they should consume meals sourced from locally grown produce and rest their heads on beds made by local manufacturers. Presently there are deterrents to making this reality largely due to inefficient production mechanisms at home that often make it cheaper to import products that we are fully capable for producing ourselves. However, with the realization that tourism, our most internationally competitive industry, has the capability to lift other industries and produce benefits for the larger Jamaican society, it is necessary and mandatory that we invest in improving our production mechanisms so that it is economically feasible for the agricultural industry to feed the manufacturing industry which in turn feed the tourism industry which in turn feed the construction and other industries thereby enabling all boats to rise with the tide. In order for this transformation to take place, it will require leadership and a national government lead growth initiative. However, we can’t rely on just government to make this real. It will require business leaders, both large and small, media, educators, Jamaicans at home, and the millions of Jamaicans across the globe to commit to making real this very achievable objective. We can and we must do this. Eternal Father bless our land ... Jamaica ??, Jamaica ??, Jamaica ?? land we love ❤️!