Sanya Richards - Ross Maturnity Shoot With Husband Aaron...

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Most Jamaicans have a bittersweet spot for Sanya Richards because deep down they hoped that she would have represented the black green and gold on the world stage. 

Nevertheless every Jamaican respects her because of the way she carried herself while competing for the United States on some of the biggest stages worldwide. Never did she ever disrespect the land of wood and water but embraced her roots while representing the red white and blue.

Getting the opportunity to see another side (vulnerable) of Sanya by reading her book "Chasing Grace" made everyone tear up once we realized that they lost/terminated a pregnancy before. Anyone who has ever experienced that knows the toll it takes on a relationship and on the female's body especially. 

Seeing the joy as the Ross's celebrate their first child is a triumphantly happy moment that we're glad they're sharing with us.

Congratulations and we wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy... 

Wife, Athlete, Author, Mother To Be, and Jamerican ?

Chris Walters
Chris Walters Congrats Aaron & Sanya! 🇯🇲🤘🏾🐂 3 years ago