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Houston Killer Couple Arrested! Deputy Chauna Thompson &...

mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 2 years ago
The vigilante couple have been indicted in the murder of 24 year old John Hernandez who was kicking and gasping for air as a chokehold was applied.

Call a spade a spade! This man lost his life because he didn't want to Pee his pants. We've all been there where you had a close one and barely made it to the restroom. This family is ruined because two vigilantes decided that they had the right to be judge jurors and executioner in dealing with a person who couldn't hold his urine or control his bladder. 

For men over 40, holding it has become a game of Russian Roulette and in some cases you loose.

These two are murderers and should be given the maximum penalty that the law allows. They should not be getting special privileges for being a part of the police officer union.

Now the law which surrounds public urination needs to also be CHANGED! to prevent any sort of reoccurrence. The law as it is currently written states that If you have to pee and you go in the bushes for example, you can be charged with “lewd” behavior. Some states and cities cite public urination as a misdemeanor offense punishable with a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail, jail time however is highly unlikely. Others cities can also tag on indecent exposure and force individuals to register as a sex offender (yet catholic priest roam free) thus ruining their lives for simply taking a piss!

That being said, the law needs to be changed because overzealous individuals who claim to be upholding/enforcing the laws can violate it tremendously. 

Bottom line is that this human being didn't deserve to die for taking a leak!