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Update: Amber Alert - Missing Caribbean American Girl Child!

mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 2 years ago
Yesterday I was on cloud nine basking in my Son's accomplishments at his graduation, only to talk to a friend who is grieving and distraught because her child is missing.

The journalists in me wants to utilize all of our resources to help so we've hit the ground running because honestly that could have been any of our child.

PS: Save the judgements for after we have found this baby girl and returned her home safely to her family.

Update: The police are overloaded with missing person cases, however mom calls the sheriffs office every hour and goes to the station a few times a day. 

They are treating this like a low priority case but every parent knows that when you can't find your child that's high priority. 

Fact: D'Asia Bennett 14yrs old was last seen Monday; Mom last spoke to her briefly from what appears to be a burner phone Tuesday; However a relative called her number from an out of town number and it was answered with a male in the background telling the little girl what to say. Per the relative she didn't sound like herself and that exchange lasted for a few seconds also. Mom also went to metro to try and get the phone pinged but the refused citing policy as the reason. At this moment the family is out of options and they're seeking the help of the community before it's too late. 

Yes we know that D'Asia "DeeDee" Bennett is not a little rich white girl with a sexy backstory so it's unlikely she's going to make headline news, but her life and her safety matters too. 

Please help us locate her by tagging local law enforcement, the FBI, local news outlets, and local state representatives when you share this article. If you have any information you can call 911, call mom Cornelia Watt 8329887883, or messaging team #mysoulrebel directly.