Donkey Of The Day - Jason Whitlock vs Charlamagne Tha God

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After listening to The Breakfast Klub's charlamagne tha god awarding Donkey Of The Day to Fox's Jason Whitlock, it's safe to say his career as a journalist is hanging by a lifeline.

This all started when (quoting charlamagne) "Kristine Leahy played the gender card, she also played the race card and didn’t even know it. If you were paying attention, you kept hearing LaVar Ball say ‘Kristine, I don’t want to talk to you because you scare me.’ The reason he kept saying that is because he understands big, scary black man going at little white woman in America never ends well. Top three scariest things a black man can hear is ‘are you threatening me?’ from a white woman, especially when you are not even threatening her.

Kristine Leahy was purposely twisting LaVar Ball’s words to demonize him. LaVar Ball totally saw that coming, that’s why he kept repeating ‘I’m scared of you.’ That was a classic age-old example of a white woman demonizing a black man, and it was that type of demonizing that led to Emmitt Till getting killed.”

Kristine Leahy played that same card, and that was weak, cheap, and dangerous. LaVar Ball handled that situation perfectly. I don’t know who told you all that disrespect won’t be met with disrespect. You can’t control how people will react to you. So if you reserve the right to freedom of speech, then you always gotta remember that the other person can reserve the right to tell you what you’re speaking freely about is stupid, or even better, reserve the right to not speak to you at all based off you speaking freely about them.”

Jason Whitlock who himself is responsible for using his platform to demonize most of the positive black professionals that he speaks on is considered a notorious Uncle Tom. He dehumanized Serena Williams, belittled Lebron James by classifying him as a racist and discredited Colin Kaepernick by suggesting that what he was protesting is irrelevant. 
Honestly it's refreshing to see someone finally call him on his BS because he doesn't represent the best of what an urban broadcaster in a position of power should be doing. We agree with the award for donkey of the day handed out to Jason Whitlock by the Breakfast Klub.
Chris Walters
Chris Walters 💯 1 year ago
Blade Have you heard the one about Jason Whitlock and sheriff David Clarke who were in an elevator together... 1 year ago
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