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Mother Arrested For Killing 3y/o Son! Why Are So Many Moms...

mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 3 years ago
 Another epidemic that we're highlighting is moms who are killing their own children. 

In Houston Texas for example, 21y/o Jasmine Jones was arrested in connection with the death of her 3-year-old son.

Her son Jacion was pronounced dead November 8th and investigators concluded that the beating that toddler took, was not a one time thing. They confirmed his injuries were in various stages of healing and noticed bruising to his buttocks, back, abdomen, pelvis and head.

Being a mother is hard we know this, but if it becomes overwhelming give the child up for adoption instead of killing your child. What could a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD!! have done to deserve this level of abuse!? 

I'm convinced that something is in the water here too because this epidemic is getting out of hand. 

Yes I know postpartum depression is real and affects women in different ways. However as relatives or friends of this young lady, and other young ladies around the country, it is your duty to recognize the symptoms and remove the child from that mothers care before it's too late.