mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 3 years ago
Leading up to elections in Jamaica, the streets are full of supporters clad in various party colors. The MP's are visible and vocal during the campaign making promises promises and promises. However after Election Day you can't locate a member of parliament for your district and the people who claim to love and support your community are no where to be found.

This has been politics in Jamaica since wappy kill phillup! The same rubbish over and over again and #Jamaican people fall for it every single year. If you're born into a #Laborite/Comrade family you are automatically a Laborite/#Comrade irrespective of the job they have done or the oppositions qualifications.

Partisan politics have done nothing good for #Jamaica ⯑⯑. All this emphasis on education and as a nation and we Yardy still a mek some dumb decisions. 

Can you imagine if Jamaicans who run around behind politicians during elections were this active in their communities every day or once a week or even once a month? Do you know how far ahead the nation would be socioeconomically if they/you were this mobilized when and where it matters most.

The country is being sold away under everyone's noses ⯑, the dollar has no value, more guns than ever are on the street, one of the largest industry in Jamaica is scamming, farmers are being neglected left & right, we import more than we export, shortages of competent medical workers/teachers and other professionals who jet off at the first opportunity, etc... but all Jamaicans wanna do is run ⯑⯑ behind politicians who are doing nothing for them. 

The focus should be to mobilize and support an effort to combat the sweltering sense of hopelessness that has been hovering over the nation. That's where we should be starting the conversation from. Suicide rates are at an all time high in Jamaica ⯑⯑ because the Yute's can't see pass tomorrow! Depression has been sweeping through the country like never before!

After this election is over with, stay mobile and redirect the same energy and effort into our communities and try doing things to create more jobs or volunteer work that'll keep us active physically, spiritually and mentally daily.

PS: Another thing is to allow Jamaicans abroad who have NOT given up their citizenship to be able to have an active part in helping the country...