Are Caribbean Restaurants Too Expensive, Do They Price...

mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 3 years ago
Do Caribbean restaurants Price themselves out of the game? 

As a native West Indian I must say that whenever I get the opportunity to dine out, best believe 90% of the time you can catch me at a Caribbean restaurant. 

However, I was having conversations with a fellow West Indian about the best Caribbean restaurants to eat at in Houston. After listing restaurant after restaurant after restaurant to which my colleague had no dining experience I asked him why he doesn't know anything about any of these establishments. His response was "THE CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT DEM TOO EXPENSIVE FI EAT AT"! He said when you compare them to their counterparts it's not a financially sound decision. He said he, his wife and kids went to APPLEBEES and spent under $30.00 but when he and the kids went to a Caribbean restaurant for similar dishes it was almost $50.00 (They Don't Eat Meat, Just Fish).

When he put it that way, I really couldn't honestly disagree with him. A single fish dinner at a Caribbean restaurant can be $20.00USD on average easily, so he does have a point. 

This conversation is the reason we pose the question, "DO CARIBBEAN RESTAURANTS PRICE THEMSELVES OUT THE GAME"? Are Caribbean Restaurants Too Expensive?