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Srp Dj-blade Discussion started by Srp Dj-blade 7 years ago


It's the year 2012 and most individuals that you communicate with give the same response that "music is on a life line (beep-beep-beep)". for the next few weeks we will examine what are some of the leading contributing factors to the death of REAL MUSIC and the emmence growth auto tune seem to be experiencing. We will hopefully get profession perspectives from leading people in the industry who have a more hands on knowledge of what's needed to get real music out to the masses and the challenges they face.
PLAYING POLITICS::: Music is dying because REAL MUSICIANS aren't been given solid opportunities to get their music out. Instead companies are putting talent-less idiots who have a gimmick out to be used as puppets, passing them off as musicians to the masses. Think about some of the songs you hear everyday, would you listen that ish in the next 3yrs? However how many times we stumble on a song that's been out for yrs & is a real good song but it never makes it to the airwaves. Example when was the last time you heard "Laffy Taffy"? but in 2006 the so called experts thought its a better song than say a Wayne Wonder "I Still believe". 
Artist/musicians will spend months creating tons of music for their albums and then are placed in front of a board of record label drones who have no clue what music is but are their looking and listening for gimmicks that will make the companies money back. This in tern clouds the judgement rendering them deaf to what's good music or what' bad music. It's almost like taking Steven Spielberg and telling him to be the director of a reality show (real housewives of...) These are the same idiots who coin themselves so called experts and decided that India Arie hasn't produced an album worthy of Album of the year.
This corruption didn't just begin, but people who buy music now-a-days are programmed like mindless drones so they actually don't know any better. When you grow up hearing your popular radio jock or club DJ telling you that these so called musicians (D4L) are the second coming, then you actually feel the need to follow the masses because you've not been cultured better. If you start putting people in position who are qualified to make these decision then maybe we can see the industry experience temporary resuscitation. By that I mean have people who know music decide what the album should be like versus people who are trying to figure out how to market the artist decide. make decisions based on the long term future of the musician versus trying to figure out what to put to pay the label back asap.
Growing up we use to take music classes to learn the craft but when you hear some of this garbage being spewed one can deduce they have no clue what a "C-NOTE" is (PS: It's not a hundred dollar bill).......TBC