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For the second time since independence, Jamaica is to be visited by an active United States President. President Ronald Reagan visited Jamaica exactly 33 years ago, on April 7, 1982. President Reagan’s visit was in contrast to one of the issue which President Obama is to address. While President Obama seeks to strengthen ties that are to be re-established with Cuba and lift the punishing embargo against them, President Reagan brought a strong anti-Communist message and lashed Marxist Cuba.While in Jamaica, the President will meet with the leaders of the CARICOM and Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to discuss ongoing partnerships within the region, including the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, security, trade and issues regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) society.One of the pressing issues that Jamaicans would like to see addressed by President Obama is the injustice that was dealt out by the justice system, resulting in the incarceration of dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel. Adidja Palmer, who now goes by the name Addi Innocent, was convicted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams and sentences in April of last year.Here are some reasons why it is thought that injustice was dealt in allowing the Jury to reach a guilty verdict which lead to the entertainer being sentence to life imprisonment, with 35years before being eligible for parole:1) It is a known fact that one cannot be convicted of a crime without solid proof that the defendant is indeedguilty. Most will argue that the evidence was circumstantial, but it is also known that it did not lead to the discovery of traces of a body.2) The evidence that they indeed had in their positions that were used in the trial, were tainted and could not even constitute as being circumstantial. The evidence was tainted and missing for 2 months during the trial period. Cellphones were being used by members of the police team who were a part of the prosecutions argument. Which clearly tampers with whatever ‘evidence’ that was in the phones.3) The Jury itself was corrupted. It is clear that even before the trial was concluded, the jury had already reached a guilty verdict. The jury came out before the stipulated time which was essential for a fair deliberation.Dennis Brown, one of the jurors who served in the murder trial, admitted to the cooperate area RM court (while he gave evidence of the corruption trial of Livingston Cane- the juror accused of trying to bribe fellow jury members to return a not guilty verdict against Vybz kartel) that he ‘works’ for the JDF. Brown works with the JDF in the arson department as an Arsonist supervisor. This important piece of information was withheld during Karte’s trial.
Another member of the jury was the wife of a police inspector who was working outside of the court house, on the day of the trial, doing crowd control.
Brown denied knowing that Gutzmore Lord, who was also a member of the jury, also worked with the JDF.4) no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, stands in court after being tampered with by members of the prosecution team.
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