Dear Jamaican Govt, Legalize Marijuana & Make UWI the HQ...

Blade Discussion started by Blade 5 years ago
All these first world countries are making a killing from marijuana sales yet the country which houses arguably the best natural species of the plant has criminalized it (trade perspective).

Considering the joblessness plaguing the nation, considering and implementing Marijuana department at UWI, then giving farmers licenses to cultivate the plant would be a much welcomed economic boost for the nation.

But if we know anything about the Jamaican government is that, they are going to wait until the rest of the world is doing it and have milked the industry dry before getting on board.

Think About It!!!

What say you?
Chris Walters
Chris Walters I REALLY AND TRULY hope that there are enough leaders with the foresight to see the wealth of opportunity that exists here. The states of Washington... Show more 5 years ago