White Privilege - The Effects

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Blade Friday, 29 September 2017 06:17

This is something that every white person in America benefits from.. 

The (old rich) white males in these United States are the gatekeepers and they're responsible for the racial tension sweeping the nation because they refuse to entertain anything that will disrupt their #WhitePrivilege!

Rather than have the conversation about equality for all, they have resorted to deflecting attention from the issue and making it about something that doesn't even exist. 

White privilege is literally killing black and brown people at an alarming rate, people are pleading for it to stop and rich white men are responding by saying they don't like the manner in which you are pleading for your life. 

Based on their actions, one can conclude that they care zero about the fact that you are being slaughtered! They have high jacked the protest and made the focus now about "the manner in which you're pleading is disrespectful to the flag and veterans" rather than the injustices that black and brown people have to endure!

White privilege is so good to these white people that rich white men rather put the country on the brink of war rather than use the pen to make the changes that will usher in an era of equality for all.