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Well, apparently Shyne, the Belizean-born rapper that served 10 years for a New York Nightclub altercation in which his friend Sean "Diddy" Combs was involved, has some very ill feelings towards Diddy for turning his back on him. In Shyne's own words, here is how he feels from the following Twitter rant. In a word ... WOW !!


"How can I forgive someone who has no remorse? I saved @iamdiddy life! I gave @iamdiddy life! His head was on the plate. But I pardoned him! But the only think this creep understands is fear. He likes to play Russian roulette ! How do you repay someone who saved your life? If I was creep would’ve hung himself in a prison cell! Ten years! Ten years! Ten years! I sat for a decade.


While homes was living his life in St. Barts, I in was in hell because he told on me! How can someone be worth a half a billion dollars & not take care of the guy that saved his life? Anthony Wolf [Diddy's bodyguard who was killed] is the reason @iamdiddy is alive, But Anthony Wolf Jones’ moms is struggling in the projects with no support from @iamdiddy. Anthony Wolf Jones kids ain’t got no trust fund! But if it wasn’t for Wolf @iamdiddy would be buried. Disloyal ungrateful bootlegger! That’s that ish I dont like! A disloyal ungrateful bootlegger! That’s that ish I don’t like!

I know for a fact @iamdiddy went to the U.S government to make sure I was deported! Money & power mean nothing to me! Honor morals & ethics are everything! A man is not measured by his money! Rather a man is measured by how he uses his money to better the lives of the sufferers! When I spoke to @iamdiddy he told me he was sorry for everything he did & he would spend the rest of his life correcting his mistake. Ask Anthony wolf daughter @WHYhateASH_K_ how she feel about @iamdiddy .


Top of the morning gangland military! The Commander in Cheif is pleased to report that no one hacked my twitter account! All facts! Lets call an ace of spades an ace of spade. Rap is based on street culture! In the streets u don’t tell on your friends! U never abandon ship. U can’t rap about the streets & make hundreds of millions off of street rap & not abide by the street code of honor. The street code of honor is really the human code of ethics. If someone saves your life u show gratitude. Only selfish creeps feel [like] they don’t owe. We all owe. That’s what brotherhood is about! Blood or crip, in the streets we have comrade love. We give our lives & take lives for our bros.

What is a rat? Someone who sacrifices others for their self gain. A rat is the guy that gets caught then tells on everybody else. A rat isnt trying to help society a rat just doesn’t want to go to jail so he sends everybody else to jail. I have no malice in my heart. @iamdiddy needs help! Nobody around has the courage to help him! I’m here to help him! When your child is misbehaving u have to punish him & or he will self destruct! Should I allow @iamdiddy to keep destroying himself & others. Y’all seen what happened to Mase, what he did to the lox, wolf & his cousin ak! @iamdiddy needs my help! I’m here to straighten him out!



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